AddisonTech Soccer Club
Sport & Social

Overview & Member Agreement

League Fees and Payments

Please make checks out to Brad Hurlock and mail them to:

       Addison Technologies, Inc.
       c/o Brad Hurlock
       643 E. High Street
       Pottstown, PA 19464

ATSC Overview

The ATSC is about camaraderie, competition and the love of sport. By paying for a roster spot on any ATSC teams, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of being an ATSC roster player/member.

ATSC is legally NOT affiliated with Addison Technologies, Inc. However Addison Technologies, Inc. does partially subsidize the ATSC. Without their support, our club would not exist.

At this time there is no membership fees, however each player is responsible to pay for their own league fees. League fees are calculated as follows: total team league fee divided by the desired number of roster players, then rounded up to the nearest whole number divisible by 5. This extra dollar goes towards offsetting when roster members quit w/o paying or stiff the club. If there is a season surplus, such surplus goes to team beer.

ATSC Membership Terms

By paying your league fee, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

I (player/participant), in consideration of permitting me to participate in any soccer team on the behalf of Addison Technologies, Inc. and the AddisonTech Soccer Club and fully desiring to so participate, hereby agree to release Addison Technologies, Inc., and the AddisonTech Soccer Club and each of their successors, assigns, members, affiliates, agents, officers, and employees from any and all claims of any kind and nature, including damages for personal and bodily injury to me or to others, either direct or consequential, which might arise from my participation in any function sponsored by Addison Technologies, Inc., the AddisonTech Soccer Club or team members including, but not limited to, soccer games, pre or post game activities, team gatherings, or other sports activities. I have no restrictions, including but not limited to age, health, etc., that would prevent me from participating in any event and/or associated activity and in the event that such a circumstance should arise I hereby agree that is it solely my responsibility to limit myself from said activity and release Addison Technologies, Inc., and the AddisonTech Soccer Club of any residual complications and/or consequences.

I hereby grant my team members, team members of other AddisonTech teams and Addison Technologies, Inc. permission to use my name, email address, photo, likeness, in any printed or electronic media. I hereby release Addison Technologies, Inc. from any damages of any kind associated with email distribution, Internet browsing, text messaging and phone usage whether or not directly related to game times, schedules, etc. I fully renounce any and all claims for compensation, reimbursement for the use of this material.

As a member of the AddisonTech Soccer Club, I will conduct myself in a courteous and good sportsperson-like conduct on and off the field during any AddisonTech Soccer Club and/or affiliated event.

I recognize that I can be removed from any and all rosters, at the discretion of the General Mgr, Brad Hurlock.

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