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League Fees and Payments

Please make checks out to Brad Hurlock and mail them to:

       Addison Technologies, Inc.
       c/o Brad Hurlock
       643 E. High Street
       Pottstown, PA 19464

About ATSC

ATSC is the Addison Tech Soccer Club. ATSC is legally NOT affiliated with Addison Technologies, Inc. However Addison Technologies, Inc. does partially subsidize the ATSC. Without their support, our club would not exist. The ATSC started in 2003 with the GVCC (Malvern) League, a corporate centered recreational soccer league in Malvern. At the end of the first season, everyone on the team wanted to continue to playing soccer together. Next one team, led to another, in other leagues, and so on and so on. Today, nearly (Current year - 2003) years later we have dozens of teams throughout the year and have developed life long friendships.

About AddisonTech

Addison Tech is a web management company: from concept through implementation, graphics, software and hosting. Addison Tech provides services for nearly 500 small to mid sized companies representing over 100 different industries, nationwide.

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