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AddisonTech Soccer Club

Welcome to, the website to the ATSC (AddisonTech Soccer Club).  After a single session in a corporate soccer league, under the AddisonTech name, the club was formed to keep the team together while playing in several leagues.  The group grew naturally as part of this expansion by placing emphasis on people before winning,  (not that winning isn't also important).

The ATSC is about camaraderie, competition and the love of sport. The ATSC is proud to be a catalyst of many long-standing friendships.  The club members have all been able to grow their personal and professional networks through sport and the ATSC affiliated teams.

By paying for a roster spot on any ATSC teams, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of being an ATSC roster player/member. The member agreement can be found on this site as a main menu option above. 

Being a part of the ATSC is more than just showing up for a few soccer games.  Being part of the ATSC includes being involved in our social network.  There is almost always an upcoming event for you to attend.  The weekly soccer games in of themselves are events as we spend time together as friends on and off the field.  You can view upcoming events from the ATSC facebook page.  

ATSC is legally NOT affiliated with Addison Technologies, Inc. However Addison Technologies, Inc. does partially subsidize the ATSC. Without their support, our club would not exist.

If you are a member, follow us on Facebook.  On our Facebook ATSC fan page you can reach out to other members for vacant roster spots, subs, and social events. 

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